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Blitz Bandits v1.1 BETA Playtesting LIVE!

2013-06-30 14:36:40 by KATAPLEXIA


BB v1.0 BETA is now available for community play-testing
(...and error checking ^0^)

Multi-platform Download available @ GameJolt.com!

Click here!

Battle over Earth! 2-Players, 1-Keyboard ACTION!

Inspired by friendly multiplayer classics such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Power Stone, Metal Slug and Soldat... Blitz Bandits is a 2-player, 16-bit Arena Shooter with a WOBBING soundtrack (!!).

Packed full of emergent gameplay mechanics which develop mastery and with a focus on player skill and precise timing, it will take more than a few rounds of combat to claim yourself a Bandit!

******EDIT V1.1******

-now avail. MAC version!
-Fixed known crashes
-Different Control Types added
-Controls definitions added
-Raised water placeholder soundclip added
-Other bugzapping

Thankyou all who have played, critiqued or helped to debug the game so far.
To anyone who hasn't played the game yet, please, be my guest. Help me hunt bugs.

I have a bunch of levels for BB planned out already!
...but I'm also open to ideas for new levels... so If anyone has any, post away on the profile.

As a teaser for the next update coming in a few days...

The next level will be located in GERMANY!

Stay tuned for updates!

Blitz hard.

BB is brought to you by:

Blake Simpson - http://kataplexia.newgrounds.com/
(Art, Code + Implementation)

Jarryd Nielsen - http://jarrydn.newgrounds .com/
(SFX + Music Composure)

Code in C#, Composed in Unity w/ Cocos2d

NOTE: Beta version is a WIP. Some things are missing or incomplete.

See news for changes / coming soon


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